Please find attached application for space at the 133rd Wynyard Show to be held on 18th March 2023


  1. All space holders are to hold current Public and Product Liability Insurance.
  2. Food stall space holders are to hold a current licence and comply with food safety standards.
  3. All stalls, displays, vans etc are to be erected by 8.30AM on Show Day and must remain on site until 4PM on Show Day.
  4. Unless a vehicle forms part of the display and paid for in metre frontage, vehicles are to be removed from the Showground before 8.30AM.
  5. All temporary structures are to be erected in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  
  6. The Committee of the Society shall have power to enter upon the area of your stall at any time to remove any articles, sign, pictures, printed matter, or sideshow which in their opinion may cause offence to the public or the officials of the Society.
  7. Livestock and domestic animals are not permitted on site without the express permission of the Committee.
  8. All space holders who use power of any description or for any purpose are to provide and use a Residual Current Device (RCD).
  9. Space holders are to supply their own extension cords.  Space holders are to ensure all appliances and cords are tagged and comply with Electrical Safety Test AS/NZS 3760.  No double adaptors or piggy backing allowed.
  10. All extension cords and leads on the ground are to be covered with appropriate rubber matting or fenced off from the public.
  11. The Society shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to space holder’s property whilst on the showground.
  12. Standard tent pegs are to be used. Tent pegs are to be covered to protect the public from injury.
  13. Raffles shall not be conducted on Show Day unless prior approval has been granted from the Committee.
  14. Gas fittings and appliances are to comply with relevant regulations.
  15. All exhibitors are to provide an approved fire extinguisher to their site
  16. Tasmanian retailers can no longer supply shoppers with non-biodegradable, lightweight plastic shopping bags, this includes all exhibitors and space holders.
  17. A notice confirming the allotment of space, gate passes and invoices shall be forwarded to you prior to the show.

Any queries please contact the Secretary.


Chris Stunden

Secretary 0438 249 865

PO Box 303


Entry Form - Trade Space


1. -Reserved-

2. Tickets may be purchased online.  No one, whether in charge of exhibits or otherwise, will be admitted without a ticket.  A free voucher to purchase one ticket online will be issued to an exhibitor with three animals and two free vouchers with seven or more animals exhibited.  For horses see horse schedule.

3. All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor.

4. All electrical cords and appliances must be tagged.

5. The age of horses shall date from August 1 in each year and, for cattle, from July 1 in each year.

6. Exhibitors must give where required, the correct date of birth of each animal entered.

7. ALL CALVES attached to cows shall NOT exceed the age of nine months and the date of birth shall be shown on the Entry Forms.

8. All entries must be made on the correct Entry Form and lodged with the Secretary, on or before the closing date stated on the Schedule.

9. Professionals cannot enter Section J: other Sections open to all.

10. All implements, vehicles and machinery MUST be placed in the Showground before 8.30am on the day of the show.

11. Admission to pavilion for collection of Industrial Exhibits is by Special Pass ONLY (for protection of your exhibits) and ONLY after 4.00pm.

12. The Judges, upon entering the Showgrounds, shall proceed to the office of the Secretary.   Accompanied by the Stewards for the particular Section or Class etc, they shall proceed to examine and decide upon the merits of the exhibits. Their inspection finished, they shall sign and give their reports to the Secretary, and their awards shall be final, unless a valid objection be raised against the prize takers in their respective classes.

13. In the event of the Judge considering that any of the Exhibitors have not complied with the conditions of the Show, the same may be disqualified. Judges are empowered to withhold the prize in any Class if the exhibit is deemed unworthy.

14. All protests must be lodged in writing to the Secretary on Show Day, within one half hour of the event or prior to 5.00pm. 


15. Protests, disputes or other matters arising at the Showground shall by dealt with be the Protest Committee forthwith. Should the protest be deemed frivolous, the deposit lodged shall be forfeited.

16. All horses must be ready to parade at 2.15pm and entrants must be ready to commence jumping at 8.30am.

17. The GRAND PARADE shall commence at 2.15pm. Exhibitors shall parade in such order as shall be directed by the officials in charge. No person will be allowed to remove an exhibit from the Showground before 3.00pm on Saturday without the consent of the Secretary and the appropriate Chief Steward. If exhibits are otherwise removed then any prize money awarded may be forfeited to the Society.

18. The Society reserves the right to substitute trophies or vouchers in lieu of cash prizes listed in the Schedules, provided that such trophy or voucher be of equal value to the prize offered. Trophies and vouchers shall be shown in the Schedules, as far as is possible.

19. All animals are to comply with Breed registration conditions and Breed Assoc. rules. All certificates issued ARE TO ACCOMPANY ANIMALS TO THE SHOW and MUST be produced on demand. All animals MUST be NLIS identified in accordance with DPI regulations. Failure to comply will result in the animal(s) being disqualified forthwith.

20. Where an animal is entered in the name of a school or a student of that school, the entry form MUST show the name of the owner of such animal. This regulation is not applicable to Handlers Classes.

21 JOHNNE’S DISEASE or other contagious diseases: The Society and its Insurers accept NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for any cattle or sheep which might be a source of infection or contagion to other cattle/sheep  entries.

22. The Committee reserves the right to restrict the number of entries per exhibitor, should the demand for space warrant it. Any such restrictions will be advised on close of entries.

23. In the event of any exhibit causing any damage or injury whatsoever, the owner/exhibitor or the person having control thereof, shall indemnify the Society and its Insurers against damages, injuries, costs, expense or liabilities incurred in connection with the same.

24. These Regulations, together with the conditions printed in the appropriate schedule and the certificates signed by the owner/exhibitor on the completed entry form, are the basis of an exhibitor’s entry into competition at the Wynyard Show and, as such are an agreement between the exhibitor and the Society as to the terms of entry and competition at the Wynyard Show.

25. EQUINE INFLUENZA: The Society and its Insurers accept NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER for any horse or horses which may be a source of infection or contagion to any other animal nor for any illness which may occur to any horse or horses attending the Wynyard Show. Each and all riders/competitors/owners INDEMNIFIES the Society, its agents and its Insurers against any liability in relation to any horse which becomes infected with Equine Influenza virus whilst within the confines of the Frederick St Complex and/or the Wynyard Showground, whether competing or not